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An October Affair

Usually florists do not work with hard, geometric shapes. We are used to the soft petals of flowers that are incredibly delicate and fragile to work with. When we worked with this talented couple to achieve their wedding vision, it was quite the rewarding challenge.

Lindsey and Bob had a very particular vision which we wanted to create perfectly for them. The shapes, made by the groom, were used as centerpieces for their Downtown PVD fete. The juxtaposition of the classicism of the Dorrance and the modernity of the groom’s shapes provided a new, fun and fresh feeling.

The Bride’s bouquet was perfectly vibrant. We loved the look of the bright crimson and wine tones in contrast with the soft, white shades of the couple’s centerpieces.

Thank you Lindsey & Bob for letting us create your unique wedding centerpieces. We really enjoyed thinking “outside of the shape”.

Photographer: M Studios

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