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Helpful Tips for Choosing Your Flowers

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Getting excited for your big day?! We have some helpful tips and pre-planning checklists to share with you for choosing florals as your big day fast approaches!

Blooming Blossoms has been in business in Providence for 30 years. Below are some of our expert wedding tips on things to consider. If you have other questions or are curious to know more about florals for your wedding, feel free to fill out our wedding inquiry form and we'll schedule a time to chat!

We Work With Mother Nature

We suggest focusing on colors, themes, and design rather than a specific kind of flower. After all, mother nature really dictates what flowers are available. Of course, it’s possible to get almost any flower at anytime (with some exceptions), however, this requires getting flowers from Holland. With our experience creating floral arrangements, we know that your design and vision can be achieved by our talented floral designers using the flowers available to us. Our brides trust our vision and craftsmanship. We spend time getting to know you and with your input regarding design and using the colors you’ve selected for your wedding, we use locally sourced in-season flowers to create beautiful florals that achieve your wedding vision.

We Keep Up With Trends

New trends pop up and we stay current and relevant. We work with you to make sure your wedding flowers are uniquely created to meet your vision. We are happy to play around and try something new! All you gotta do is ask!

Traditional? Yes? No? Maybe So!

If you think you need to do something because it’s “tradition” like throw a toss bouquet, we want to provide the friendly reminder that you don’t have to. Your wedding is yours. There’s no reason to do something you don’t want. You’re unique and your wedding should be too. Go with what’s in your heart.

Repurposing Bridal Party Flowers

We see this all the time. After the ceremony, bridesmaids will wonder what to do with their bouquet. May we suggest ideas where these bouquets can be repurposed for your reception. Bouquets could be placed on a mantle in the reception hall, cake table, or registration table. If you’re on a tight budget, we would also recommended you could use the bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces on the tables!

You're Not Sure What to do With your Flowers After the Reception?

Your guests may be from out-of-town and won’t be able to take the flowers with them after the reception. You’re about to head off on your honeymoon so you can’t take them home either. So what do you do with your flowers after? Often flowers get abandoned and left at the venue, only to be disposed of. We think there’s a better solution. And that’s donating your arrangements to a local nursing home, hospital, or children’s hospital.

Our Process

Sometimes a bride will ask us about packages offered or a contract to review. The truth is, we cannot offer that because there is no “standard” wedding to us. Every bride, every wedding, and every one we work with is unique and different. We take great care to understand who we’re talking to and what your specific needs are. After having a floral consultation our designers can envision the specific colors, themes, and details of your wedding. We then make a custom proposal specifically for you. No two weddings are the exact same. No two floral arrangements are the exact same. So why should you have a contract that is the same as everyone else's? We treat each wedding differently but with the same set of professional standards below:

  • We will work with you to make sure your flower arrangements come out with the same beauty and vision that you imagined when we first spoke.

  • We will work within your budget and will never put pressure on you to spend more.

  • We will arrange, deliver, and set up your flowers with extreme care and love. The only thing you will have to worry about is how to find enough time to soak in their gorgeousness!

  • We will wish you the happiest of times as you begin your new journey in life.

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